This post is very special to me as it will be about the most important person in my life. My mum, of course. Feeling inspired by the upcoming celebrations of mums – Mother’s Day (Sunday 26! Don’t you dare forgetting!), I thought it’s a great chance to show appreciation for everything my mum managed to equip me with to face life challenges. I hope most of you are able to say the same thing about your mums, as I can say about mine – best in the world, undoubtedly. Usually, as a child you don’t appreciate it enough, but luckily, we grow older and wiser (well, most of us), and we start understanding the value of parent’s contribution on our personalities, confidence and life choices. I might not be perfect, but my mum certainly did a great job of teaching me how to be a good and strong woman.

I would like to share with you 10 of the most important things (among many, many more) that my mum taught my since I was a child. These lessons have helped me deal with many difficult situations. I hope it will make you think about your amazing mums and what you would like to thank them for.

  1. Positive energy! – Don’t let people with negative energy pull you down

    That’s such a significant lesson. Through many difficult days, my mum managed to keep her cool and stay the most positive person I know. It’s important to be mindful and aware of who we are letting into our lives, as other people can strongly influence our emotions. Of course this does not relate to our close friends/family having temporary issues they need our support on – do not separate yourself from them so easily! Negative energy comes from people who are lazy, have ‘nothing is possible’ attitude and prefer to moan than look for a solution.


  2. Be strong – Happiness can be hard work

    No matter what happens – it’s important to remember we are all just humans and we have our weaknesses. We also have strengths which build the foundation for the life control. Our happiness depends on us and sometimes it requires hard work to be happy and to reach our goals through all the obstacles. However, that’s what forms our personalities and makes us valuable beings.


  3. Appreciate your loved one’s passion

    We all have things we care about – passions, interests, hobbies. One of the things my mum was always keen on sharing is to be engaged and have genuine interest in our loved one’s passion. It might not be something we are into, but appreciating the diversity in people’s hobbies broadens our horizons and helps us to learn something new. It also shows our loved ones, we appreciate their personalities to the tiniest detail. You never know – you might get really into your boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend’s weird hobby, whatever it is!

  4. Follow your passion

    As much as we should appreciate other people’s passions – the most important should be our own. If you feel the desire to ride a bike, cook, do yoga, build plane models, dance flamenco – and you always want to come back to it and do it more – so be it! Make sure you nurture your interests and keep developing them, keep getting better at what you do. At the end of the day, our hobbies are something that makes us interesting and unique. They also build our confidence levels and help us be more social.

  5. Appreciate diversity

    In Poland, it is not always easy to be different. My mum was very consistent in teaching my why I should never discriminate against people who are in some way different than me, no matter if it’s a skin colour, sexual orientation, country of origin, language, looks etc. I am very grateful for that lesson, as I believe most forms of prejudice against other people come from our home/family environment. As kids, we tend to pick up the views of our parents/grandparents/uncles and not everyone is able to filter information they soak in. Remember to always keep yourself at distance to what others say and have reflections and mind of your own.

  6. Cook healthy

    My mum has always been an amazing cook and she’s been teaching me how to create amazing, healthy, home made meals. As a child, I wasn’t really paying too much attention, I was quite happy to eat something quick. Everything has changed now! I’m crazy about cooking and I phone my mum whenever I have trouble with making traditional polish dishes – which is a lot. Should have listened when I was a kid!


  7. Work out

    My mum is super healthy, works out about 100 times a week, attends loads of different fitness classes and she spreads this fitness-freaky happiness wherever she goes! She definitely inspired me to take up my yoga classes in the first place – now I’ve been going 5 times a week for over 3 months and I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon!

  8. Remember to look after yourself

    This relates to beauty and fashion. My mum is one of the most beautiful and fashionable women I know. She has a very classy style and always leaves the house looking flawless. We tend to pay attention to detail at work or at home when cleaning/cooking, so why not to put effort to how we look like? At the end of the day, our appearance is something we, and people around us, deal with every day. Looking flawless, being healthy and focused on our bodies pays off with positive energy and confidence.


  9. Be assertive

    Assertiveness is an important feature of any strong woman. We are lucky enough to be able to fight for our rights and appreciation of our work. Saying ‘no’ can be difficult sometimes, but it builds the strength of our personalities. We do not have to agree with everything just to please other people.

  10. Be independent

    This is a magic trick my mum has done over the years. She has never pushed me out of the nest herself. It all came to me naturally – I finished my high school, it was time to move on, started my university degree, got a bar job and slowly started my independent life. I have been financially independent since I was 19 and that has strengthen all of the above points and made me feel more confident about shaping my own life. She always had strong trust for my maturity and whenever I had issues, she would always be there to support me without judgement.

    I am currently waiting on my mum with her favourite sunflowers, little fruity cheesecakes and freshly made bed. Her flight is coming in to Glasgow in about 2 hours and I can’t wait to spend this weekend with her and my sister. It will be a great Mothers Day, which means I won’t have time to write this post then, so I decided to share it a bit ahead of time. Hope you will all have equally amazing weekend!

    I wanted to wish all the amazing mums out there a great Mothers Day!!