A few months ago I have started working as Weddings and Events Manager at a lovely 12th Century Scottish Castle. I absolutely love this job and all the challenges that come with it. One of the most fun parts of this job is seeing all the quirky Wedding ideas that Brides bring to the table. We are here to help make these ideas a reality and that’s the most exciting part.


  1. Christmas Themed Wedding in July
    Why not? Everything from Christmas Dinner, Crackers, reindeer, through to Christmas trees!
  2. Hibs and Hearts Themed Wedding
    If you know your football, Hibs and Hearts are two teams from Edinburgh. Safe to say there is a bit of a rivalry between the two.. it was indeed an interesting one!
    Nicola & Robbies Wedding-281Nicola & Robbies Wedding-276
  3. Sci-Fi Themed Wedding
    Black chair and table covers with a bit of purple touch. Gothic Wedding dress, owl ring bearers and horse carriages. Sounds interesting?
  4. Crepe Cart, Cheese Cart, Candy Cart and Chocolate Fountain all at one Wedding
    Hungry Guests = Angry Guests. Better to keep them happy!
  5. Celtic FC Wedding Cupcake
    Scottish couples love a bit of football accents at their Wedding.
  6. Fairy Wedding in the Forest
    They were not interested in our Chapel, only the trees near the grounds of the castle. This one is coming up and I cannot wait to do it!
  7. Disney Theme Wedding
    Can’t lie – music and set up was amazing and made me feel like a child again
  8. Singing Waiters at the Meal
    Pretended to be standard waiters and did an amazing show at the end! Lovely surprise from mum to her daughter
    Nicola & Robbies Wedding-431
  9. Dog Ring Bearer
    More and more people are deciding to include their lovely pup in their Wedding day. Yes yes yes!
  10. This space is for your Wedding plans đŸ™‚