January is definitely the time of reflection. What went right last year, what went wrong… If you managed to meet all your new years resolutions, if you were a good person, what will you do better this year. I always find the beginning of New Year a bit depressing, possibly because you tend to start it with a hungover, which happened to me this year. Unlike the New Years of 2016, I spent it with my mum and grandad in Warsaw with only one glass of Champagne! It was different, but very relaxing! My favourite thing to do when feeling a bit down after all the fun Christmas/New Years celebrations are over, is to look back at 2017 and remember all the fun parts!

  1. I discovered Bikram Yoga!
    Bikram Yoga has been the part of my life for the whole of 2017! Made me feel a lot more in control of my life, I got fitter and started eating a lot better. At the end of the year I also discovered addiction to 7am classes, which is a great way to wake up and make your day productive.


  2. Bought my first car
    Maybe it’s not a Tesla, but it’s fully mineee! Kia Picanto has been my bestie for the past few months and my life changed dramatically since we’ve had each other. I am able to pick up my mum/sister/friend from the airport, go on a road trip or travel comfortably to the shop (ikea trips have never been easier). It’s been a huge upgrade of my life and I can’t imagine not having a car again!


  3. Developed career in Wedding industry
    I’ve had a chance to organise loads of amazing Weddings in different venues this year. Sometimes, you don’t know you like something until you do it. Weddings were definitely that kind of thing for me. I love being part of such happy and beautiful events and help brides throughout the most important day in their lives.

  4. Finally went to Thailand
    Heard sooo much about Thailand from my friends and I just could not wait to finally go! It was a pretty spontaneous trip, booked only 2 months ahead. The whole purpose of going was to dog sit my friend’s puppy in her house in Chiang Mai! We were lucky to go there during Songkran (Thai New Year) and had time of our lives! Food was absolutely amazing and inspired loads of my dishes over the next months.

  5. Got really into cooking and baking
    As a child, I hated cooking. I found it boring and pointless and food was not really my thing – basic stuff were satisfying enough. But since moving to Scotland, cooking became a big part of my life. I love feeding my friends and my boyfriend, who always appreciates my skills (especially when I make gulasz).


  6. All the shoes I’ve bought
    I don’t know why but I got really into shoes this year. Bought loads of quirky pairs, my favourites are Kierpce (polish highlander shoes).


  7. Finally seen Amsterdam
    At the very beginning of the year, I went to Amsterdam for a little city break. It was freezing, but absolutely amazing! Such a cool, unique city.
  8. Visited Lisbon
    Another city break that I got a chance to do this year. It was a lovely December trip to get a bit of sun before Christmas! Gorgeous place, lovely food and some sexy shoe brands!


  9. Starter writing this wee blog
    It’s nothing major and I am not trying to become a superstar blogger, but it’s a nice way for myself to relax, and think a bit deeper about my life and share it with my friends and family.
  10. All the dogs I’ve met!
    Our dog business has flourished more than ever. I have not counted but we have certainly welcomed over 50 different doggies throughout the year. It was amazing to get to explore all the different breeds and get to know their rich personalities!